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The Virus Is a Catalyst for Ascension

The Virus Is a Catalyst for Ascension Jesus through Virginia Ellen

Many of you are ready, for this is the next step in your spiritual evolvement of ascension. The word “ascension” brings a wave of energy that washes over you and awakens the cellular memory of your ultimate mission of service to humankind and to your planet. I am working through this beloved woman to bring assistance to those who are ready for this ultimate spiritualization of the body.

The ascension process will take place in waves of energy. Your thoughts and emotions govern the waves of energy that move through your body. It is time for you to understand that your thoughts and feelings are the creations of your total experience on Earth. Thoughts and emotions are electrical; each has an electrical frequency. Unlimited thoughts create emotions of God, unconditional love, expanded joy, wonder, and a peace that you have not yet experienced.

You cannot and will not ascend until you expand your consciousness. Ascension calls for living in ways of truth and love — the truth you have never known. Yes, you must leave your comfort zone. This is in the unknown truth where you will discover your true self. Humanity has become comfortable in its limited reality. That is why change is a blessing, because it allows you to know yourself: You must go to the depths of your being to discover the God that you are.