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A Turning Point in Human Evolution

A Turning Point in Human Evolution Lynn Buess

Recent events have raised some major questions about the virus covering the globe. This might be a good time to ask: Who has rights to the vaccine and could reap billions of dollars from it? Who is in charge of this planet, and what is going on? There is much more to this matter, and it reveals a turning point in human evolution regarding the awakening or continued ignorance of the greater human potential.

An irony of this global plot, with its draconian intent and nefarious hidden agendas, is an awakening of the human spirit. Sharing and exchange are born out of trust and rooted in the common quest to see everyone prosper and benefit. Out of this plot rooted in control will come a form of exchange between people and groups that does not need lawyers, complicated and burdensome contracts that smell of distrust, or institutions that take their huge shares by benefitting from inside information.

Think of a people’s fund that is transparent and available to participants from which money can be drawn for worthwhile projects or ideas. This would require some restraints and guidelines, but it would allow open-source access to needed support and investment in healthy and nontoxic products and projects that add to the prosperity and well-being of all.