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Shifting Cosmic Alignment

Shifting Cosmic Alignment The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Venus continues retrograde in Gemini until June 25, amplifying the necessity of discovering the third point of synthesis in all situations, beliefs, and possibilities. By letting go of the either/or ways of perception from the past, you open alternatives in the moment. These may only hold true for a moment, but they are necessary for the fluid transformation from old patterns of fear, lack, and death into new patterns of love, abundance, and life for all.

June is a time of deep healing for the psyche of the present human soul influx as generations of disappointment, fear, and struggle are released into the world. Many souls whose energies have held on to the Earth plane mentally, spiritually, and emotionally out of the fear or belief they have unfinished business are now being set free to move on in their spiritual journeys. Those opting to depart from the 3D Earth plane now will be fully released as all regret, disappointment, and shame are let go in favor of living in the present moment.

As limiting beliefs in separation, fear, and desire to control are let go, higher guidance from the celestial realms enters the human psyche. Each is drawn ever closer to her or his star god/star goddess origin and expresses it more fully through the human 3D body presence. Partnership with all kingdoms of the cosmos in unconditional love, abundance, and life affirmation is necessary to attain forward movement and soul growth in the present transition toward light, life, and love. Recite this mantra: “I release fear and open to love.” Repeat it as many times as necessary — as a chant, dance, or prayer — to facilitate peace and clarity through this epic shift in cosmic alignment with the incoming new myth, new story, new heaven, and New Earth.