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Share Your Light

Share Your Light The Pleiadian Galactic Council of Light through Judith K. Moore

Humanity is being called to awaken the spirit that makes change possible. The power of love is a force of creation that requires the participation of those called by spiritual forces to awaken and bring about the change that shifts reality. The state of awakened consciousness makes a space to bring in the new light — constant vibration flowing from the inner planes and from beyond. You are the vessels of light who are receiving the constant higher-frequency vibrations that illuminate the hologram of reality.

We are the Pleiadian Galactic Council of Light. We acknowledge that you are our human relatives. We are present now to assist you in this time of great challenge and change. We support the shift in consciousness on Earth by sending waves and waves of crystal Pleiadian light. Pleiadian crystal light resonates with the crystal components in the light particles of human DNA. The Pleiadian crystal light enhances your ability to connect to the eternal forces of life — the life-giving energy that enhances the connection of the planet’s biospheres and humanity’s perception of reality.

The chaos is disturbing the energy patterns that locked perception into fatalism, greed, and manipulation. Everything is energy, and the energy of these vibrations blocked human consciousness from its ability to make change possible. There are many factors involved in the transformation of reality. It is an alchemical process that arises from the source of oneness in creation.