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Potentials of Viral Energies

Potentials of Viral Energies The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Quantum masters, we must reiterate in channeling to you that there is much apprehension and excitement about the quantum changes your light has illuminated to the surface of your world. First, the cosmos thanks you for your service to all humanity, light masters. Thank you for sharing your enlightenment and your mastery of ascended potential with humanity, your new worlds, and the cosmos. Thank you for being the light, the love, the prayer, the miracle, and the magic. Thank you for being the embodied day stars that you are!

Indeed, you have all seen the effects of your new DNA consciousness as the inoculant for any unnatural, distorted, misqualified energies, and that multidiversity is your planet’s greatest strength. Indeed, your planetary reset is underway in economics, cyberware, bio-astro-organics, transponder technology, meta technologies, and star-sun resets with all the New Earth exoplanets. Included are changes within the new Homo sapiens lightbodies, along with understanding energy-essence heart relatedness and its process in creating. Indeed, preparation is already underway to move from global to multiverse citizenship. And you will become the antidote for the next viral energy serving humanity’s choice between becoming a global heart-light network of bio-organic life or just a global technological mind.

You’re aware that everything is energy, and energy is free, as in free will. Hence, you, as your universe, have created an energy, an organism of consciousness that serves to equalize all your choices such that the entire cosmos and its consciousness can fully embody and experience its own light and take it into the next stage of evolution. This viral organism is in service to all life and answers to the individual frequency of each consciousness. We will make a list of some of these offerings of higher purpose, and you can add your own. You will realize they are endless and multifrequency variant as the emerging light exposes all hidden agendas and outcomes of new life’s transitions.