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A New Life Form for Evolution

A New Life Form for Evolution The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, dear ones. We join you this day as a collective because planet Earth is shifting. It’s moving very quickly now because you have a visitor on planet Earth — a new life form. Although it’s been there for a while, it has now crossed over into the human kingdom and is spreading aggressively. There are several important aspects of this to keep in mind. First, this being is evolving — what you’d consider as mutating — very quickly. Because it’s fighting for its life, this being calls it evolution.

The integration occurring between humans and this creature, which you’re calling COVID-19, will result in long-term benefits. The next stage of evolution is to start bringing through more of your spirit into your physical body. One of the biggest challenges is that your spirit and physical body are enmeshed. It’s very difficult to loosen one from the other, and that’s what this virus does. It loosens the connection just enough so that the next stages of evolution will actually be a little more comfortable. Dear ones, understand that not everyone on the planet needs to catch the virus. A critical mass will be reached when everyone with the new attributes will no longer need to go through this process. When that happens, COVID-19 will either mutate again so that it isn’t as harmful or you will find many of the answers that you’re currently looking for. At this very moment, a cure is available, and humans are on track for finding it. You’re starting to hone in on the combinations and techniques that work best for the majority of people in most places.

An answer is coming soon. You haven’t quite found it because you have not yet reached the critical mass. However, it is already on the horizon, and there are several ways to further reduce the time. You can focus on bringing in the energy to discover the cure that, in truth, is already there. It’s already been found. Now, it is simply a question of going through the shortened process of approvals to learn more about how it works. Besides being what you refer to as a vaccine or preventative treatment, it’s also a cure for people who already have the virus and will help them greatly.