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Moving from Fear toward Love

Moving from Fear toward Love Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We are delighted to connect with you and share some wonderful news. It is about the results of the current worldwide virus epidemic sweeping your planet. This virus was created eons ago with the intent that it would be used, only if necessary, to aid humans on your planet to evolve to the next step.

You have been stuck in an evolutionary rut, so to speak, and this was one of many methods devised to help unstick you. Others were used in the past to nudge you forward when you had stopped moving in your evolutionary growth. Look to your past historical markers, such as other plagues and earthly events including volcanic eruptions and floods that have been termed disasters. In truth, they were nudges or jump-starts to get you moving on the correct path again. Some events were meant to redirect you back to the correct path, and others were to simply get you moving again, because you had slowed down or stopped your evolution.

We are excited now to see how you are responding to this current event you call a virus pandemic. In truth, it is not as catastrophic as your media and your governments would have you believe. But their responses, and your reactions to their responses, have been better than we could have hoped for or planned.