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Maintain Your Inner Peace

Maintain Your Inner Peace Creator through, Lord Melchizedek through, Mahavatar Babaji through, and Grandfather through Rae Chandran

Creator: Hello, blessed family, this is Creator. My dearest children of love, do not look at this time as misfortune in your lives. In the early part of last year, I anchored a great amount of light called the light blaze to heal the land.

When the density of the land shifts and heals, those of you occupying that space, that land, will also shift in your minds and emotional bodies. This simply means when the land holds a greater amount of light, the potential exists for greater fears to come up so that they can be looked at and released.

You have all collectively chosen to experience this. You have all agreed, on the soul level, to bring about a new shift in consciousness. What are you looking for deep inside? Is it a fair and equal distribution of all Earth’s resources among all the people? Can you come collectively from all over the globe and share what Earth has to offer?