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Live with the Awakened Presence of the Divine

Live with the Awakened Presence of the Divine Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Welcome, divine pillars of light. Smile and remember that you have ignited. As we connect with you now, relax and breathe, as you are in a crystalline temple of creation with us, and together we are traversing many worlds and dimensions. Breathe and smile again, as you are in an opportune moment to expand ever more into your fullness.

We ask you to celebrate through breath. As you celebrate through breath, we encourage you to celebrate every breath. Celebrate that you have lungs that invite the experience of breath into your form. Breath is your gift. How do you use the gift? Come out of the shadows, and take in the breath of life that sustains you. As you breathe, you release. As you breathe, you open the portals to fulfill many destinies.

As you offer yourself the love of breath, as you offer yourself the gift of deep, divine breath, love arises in that recognition as all that is needed, all that you are. Together, this becomes the one gift, the oneship of the one being-ness. When you serve love, you have everything, do you not? When you serve knowledge, you constantly keep seeking. When you seek knowledge, you are perpetually seeking. When you seek love, you are perpetually fulfilled, and in perpetual fulfillment, all knowledge already exists. You culminate the search and live in the blissful state of divine recognition that all is, all has been, and all will always be.