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Keep Things Simple Now

Keep Things Simple Now Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

We speak forcefully rather than gently right now, because the angels are feeling disgruntled about the ways humans are being manipulated. We’re speaking forcefully of truth, because we want to shake you out of mass delusion. Hypnosis is a very strong tool, and it should not be used to manipulate those who are unsuspecting or those who believe the words they are repeating over and over again are true. Come out of the hypnosis. Come out of mass messaging.

That really is our message [laughs]; it’s very small — no mass message for you, here. But we hope to make it a mass message. So spread it, dears. Ask people to come out of repeating — again and again — the same few sentences until they feel that is the truth.

It’s time to listen, above all, to your sense of truth. It’s easy for the angels to say, “Trust the inner truth.” But what if you can’t find yours? What if you’re not used to listening to your inner truth and don’t know what it sounds like? If this is the case for you, keep things very, very simple. Instead of going into the confusion of what truth is and is not, feeling more and more alarmed that you’re not getting it right, we suggest you listen to what is simple in your environment.