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It Is Time

It Is Time Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

All life is a flow of energy. Every event is the culmination of the alignment of energies that were in place before you incarnated into this realm of existence. All experiences in life are about growth, and growth comes from change. The universe only knows change and evolution. Each experience unfolds like a growing flower that starts as a seed and takes nourishment from the soil around it until it grows into a thing of beauty, following and taking in light.

A flower grows in the spring and lies dormant in the winter, following a cycle of nature that has always been. This is the universal cycle, and you are the only beings who can lose your connection with the flow of life. This is not an accident; it is by design.

As a nonphysical being of light energy, we experience the wonders of the flow of all life, and we are filled with love, because the realm of the soul is unconditional love. You come to this realm to experience the contrasts to unconditional love. You will remain unconscious to your true selves until you take in the contrasts all around you, blossom, and learn to follow the light.