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An Invitation to Change

An Invitation to Change The Divine through Sara Wiseman

You have been given retreat. From your private space, you are tasked with facing the big questions of how you live and how you die. The separation from distraction will shift you. You are no longer to move and forget, act and forget, always in distraction. The virus has acted as a common enemy, but it is also a common denominator. No one is immune, but immunity will come quickly and, as a surprise, soon. You think there cannot be a surprise invention, technology, or remedy, but as soon as the collective soul wills it, there will be.

When the collective soul wills fear and death, these are the major forces. What if you don’t want to be a part of the collective soul that wills fear and death? It is time to apply your energy to direct and uplift the understanding of those who do not yet understand. This is not a time to detach. In your retreat, you have been given time and space for spiritual practice — a luxury many of you have not known before. Yet, there is wasted time, screen time, and attachment to fear in the collective soul. Use this time instead to lift the collective soul to a new understanding. Forget about you. Release all worries about your family, friends, and inner circle. Release all worries about your finances, career, and plans. What is happening is bigger than any of that.

You who are lightworkers are asked to be heroic now, just as those who serve in medical fields, supply the food chains, and keep society going are being heroic. You are asked to work from where you are. You are asked to work with the spiritual energy of what is at hand rather than Earth energy. Earth energy allows you to survive, but spiritual energy allows you to change. How can you do this? Forget about you and consider You. Forget about fear and consider infinity. Forget about how you are limited and look at how this time — this retreat, this stepping away — invites you to change.