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Imprint the Magnificence of the Creator

Imprint the Magnificence of the Creator Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins through Natalie Glasson

Our truth is your truth; your truth is our truth. Our combined truth does not belong to us, yet we are one. We come as a reminder of your purity and divinity; we are the consciousness of the Celestial Unicorns and Dolphins. We bring to your presence the light, love, peace, and bliss of the celestial dimensions.

As love continues to build within and around you, it is time to awaken more fully to the magnificence of the Creator and, most importantly, the magnificence of the Creator within and around you. Do you believe that the magnificence of the Creator works through you and exists in every cell of your body? Do you feel magnificent? It is important, at this moment, to allow the love of the Creator to open the gates of the universe so that you might see the magnificence of the universe.

The consciousness of humanity and Earth alters tremendously with each Earth cycle of night and day. If you allow yourself to open to inspiration from the Creator and experience the magnificence that is permanently present, it will imprint on your consciousness and filter into the general consciousness of humanity and Earth. This is greatly needed on Earth now in order to shift from chaos to peace and from pain to fulfillment. You have a divine purpose to alter the consciousness of Earth and imprint the divine into the minds of many, including your mind.