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Human Energy Systems: COVID-19 - A Pandemic in the Mind Field

Human Energy Systems: COVID-19 - A Pandemic in the Mind Field Charles Shahar

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that has quickly spread across many countries. The outbreak has resulted in many deaths, significant suffering, and personal hardships. It has disrupted the world’s economies in staggering ways and changed patterns of social behavior and mobility. Finally, it has shattered the comfort and stability of modern life and forced humanity to come to terms with its mortality.

While the characteristics and impacts of this disease have been researched and documented extensively by scientists and the news media, dimensions of this phenomenon will likely get very little attention but will have overriding significance for human experience. I am referring to the invisible or subtle dimensions beyond the understanding of human senses.

Seven dimensions of consciousness can be understood as planes or realms of existence: the physical, vital (pranic), astral, mental, casual, bliss, and cosmic. Only the physical dimension can be appreciated by the ordinary senses. The other levels require clairvoyant or spiritual sensibilities to be experienced. The question addressed in this article relates to the effects of the COVID-19 virus on these subtle or ethereal planes of existence. I will focus specifically on the mental field and also devote consideration to the pranic and astral realms.