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The End of Score Keeping

The End of Score Keeping Lord Sanat Kumara through Maureen St. Germain

We are stepping out of the business of keeping score. There is no more “I was here first.” Earth itself is taking advantage of the opportunity created by those who would have had humanity fail. They did not succeed, and this has turned into a favor for humanity. This means that outcomes in this situation will be highly beneficial. There are some casualties, and casualties are most distressing. But from our vantage point, many graces are coming your way that you have yet to discover.

Those of you choosing to accept this “rule of law” and this “harbor in place” are achieving levels of inner mastery you would not have achieved any other way. Your frequent naps are actually opportunities to tune in and let the body unwind so higher-vibrational frequencies can move in and integrate.

One of the most important things we see is that many of you resisted the high-vibrational frequencies coming in because you were so busy maintaining your status quo, not because you didn’t like the frequencies or did not want them coming in. Allowing you the time and frequency to level down a few notches has allowed you to level up to higher frequencies and seek higher understanding of everything happening to you.