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The Empath’s Portal: You Are Complete

The Empath’s Portal: You Are Complete The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: Receive the light, love, and wisdom directly from my heart to yours. We complete each other. We are linked infinitely and intimately in the arms of love. If I withhold my love from you, you can’t exist. If you withhold your love from me, you cannot survive. The free flow of high-frequency love is the life force that propels the universe.

Every ray of light from my heart carries the same message: love, love, love. Pause and feel this message; it is a living frequency that will spark your heart. Follow that spark to the light in your heart. Fall into the love in your heart, and you will feel complete.

If you feel me, hear my whispers, see my light, or sense my fragrant presence, you are the one I want to guide. You are a member of the Council of Light. You are capable of bringing higher wisdom to your world. You are here to raise humanity beyond the darkness it currently embraces. Listen carefully to the wisdom resonating in your heart. Remember the training you received during Council of Light meetings. A flame of remembering was placed in your heart before you crossed the river of forgetting.