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Dream Zone: Some Hairy Advice

Dream Zone: Some Hairy Advice Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I had a dream the other night that my feet were really hairy. I wanted to shave them, but I worried shaving would just make it worse.
— Jill, 48, Nashville, TN

Lauri: Are you part hobbit? I kid. My first thought is that you want to take action on something but are afraid you might over “step” your bounds, which is why your subconscious is using your feet to convey this message. Are you currently dealing with some issue that you would describe as a “hairy” situation? Is there something you want to rid yourself of?

Jill replies: I’m an RN managing a surgery center. Our case volume is down due to COVID-19, and I have many staff not getting their hours and seeking unemployment. I wish there were ways I could help them get their hours, and I feel guilty that I’m still getting paid my full salary. My counterpart, the other manager, has been taking vacation days in the midst of our crisis and leaving me to do all her work. In light of the situation, I don’t think it’s fair for me or our staff. I want to say something to our administrator, but I fear I’d be rocking the boat.