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A Dramatic Month of Planetary Power

A Dramatic Month of Planetary Power Donna Taylor

As I write this in early April, the world is in lockdown and fear shrouds the globe. It is perhaps less important what will happen with the course of the coronavirus and more important what will happen because of it. It is clear that we are now in an end time — a time when the old order is falling away but the new has yet to be implemented. June sees us midway through what could turn out to be the most pivotal and bizarre year in human history. So perhaps it is no surprise that this month is packed with planetary power and potent alignments that could unleash further dramatic events across the planet.

I’ll come to all this in a moment, but first I’d like to say a little more about the bigger picture of where we are collectively. The arrival of the coronavirus has triggered the breakdown of society and the emergence of a new one. Ancient texts and spiritual teachers have spoken of this for many years, be it the new earth mentioned in the book of Revelations in the Christian Bible, the ascension of the planet talked about in New Age circles, the great cleansing prophesied by Native Americans, or simply the transcendence of the ego as deemed necessary for our survival by various modern-day teachers such as Eckhart Tolle.

When we look at the state of the world, humanity is clearly having a collective nervous breakdown or a dark night of the soul. Old structures are dying, and old ways of living and working are no longer viable, so they must collapse to allow newer, more evolved ways of being to emerge. This will happen, but it is a question of when. It is also a question of whether the ruling elite will try to enforce the old ways in more draconian forms.