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Divine Love and Compassion for Humankind

Divine Love and Compassion for Humankind Aleph through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Mercy for everything. Have you ever been to a sale in your store and see beings in line to get items bump and grab in front of everyone? People often want to get ahead in line to be first to get something. This is the energy that’s going on now. There’s no need to get first in line; God knows where you are. You just have to know that God is there with you.

So the first teaching is of the God inside you, and the next teaching is that God is everywhere. The God inside you that is waking up is the part that will receive the teaching. It’s not going to be afraid anymore and hide. The God inside you is starting to come out, and it will perceive God everywhere. It will learn that it is part of God everywhere, which is a whole other level of understanding.

This is the treasure of the human body, because it’s the only place you can learn it: to know the God within you that perceives the God everywhere and everywhen is done within the human body. This is one of the profound secrets of the heart, for within the heart is the divine being called God Within. The heart has been waiting for all the other chakras to line up so that the mind can be used correctly.