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Crystalline Information and the Fifth World

Crystalline Information and the Fifth World The Crystal Council of Twelve through Jaap van Etten

Jaap: I initially referred to the Crystal Council of Twelve as the twelve star nations that provided information to humanity stored in crystal skulls. I wrote about that in my crystal skull books. Recently, I learned more about them.

The belief that there are four worlds exists in several traditions, as has been mentioned in many channelings. But no one has shared that each of these worlds has a crystalline system that contains information from that world. I am aware of these systems in the Sedona area, and other systems might be elsewhere on Earth, but I understand that these are secondary systems, holding only aspects of what the primary ones in the Sedona area hold.

The crystalline information systems of the four worlds all have twelve crystals with a thirteenth that helps bring the information of the twelve together in a more in-depth and integrated understanding. The crystalline system for our world, the fourth, is the crystal skulls.