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The Crystal-Grid System of Earth

The Crystal-Grid System of Earth Pleiadian Emissaries of Light through Star Hinman

The crystal-grid system contains a huge body of information for planet Earth. This multidimensional, intelligent energy system is much more complex in its construction and operation than you might realize or appreciate. Its energy field extends beneath the surface of Earth and into space, sometimes to a great distance beyond the planet.

Even your most advanced electronic storage systems on present-day Earth could not contain the amounts of complex, crystalline-frequency information stored in this system. It is stored in both physical and nonphysical crystalline structures in and around Earth with the intelligence quotients and capacities to store huge amounts of data.

This crystal-grid system, as you have termed it, operates mainly on electronic frequencies that are similar to radio waves but at much higher frequencies than any equipment on Earth is capable of using. Earth’s crystalline-based intelligence includes much information that is both inspired by and derived from what you might call extraterrestrial sources, since its creation is of ancient lineage.