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The Crystal Garden: Gemstones and the Tarot

The Crystal Garden: Gemstones and the Tarot Margaret Ann Lembo

Using gemstones as an oracle for insight and self-awareness came to my attention after years of helping customers pick gemstones in my retail store in Florida — the Crystal Garden. Customers wanted to know what stones would bring them love, luck, protection, health, or self-confidence. You innately know which gems amplify the good in your life. My recommendation is to let your eyes be drawn to the gemstones that will help you the most.

The Gemstone Oracle card deck can help you understand yourself and manifest your desires, and it can do the same for your clients. Before you start a Gemstone Oracle session, have your client pick gemstones from a pile of tumbled stones. Explain the qualities of each stone and why the client might be attracted to them. The sizes, shapes, and colors of the stones can give you more insights into why the client chose them. Contemplate the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical uses of the stones as well as Divine guidance.