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Creating a Safe Space and a Strong Immune System

Creating a Safe Space and a Strong Immune System Phyllis Light

We are all going through incredible and challenging times. No one could have imagined that life as we know it would come to a veritable halt due to the sudden appearance of a pandemic virus. We need to examine the Pluto-Saturn period we’ve been in for the past year and a half. I have written about this and the challenges we face, but no one could have guessed how it would all play out. First, let’s look at the planetary energies to give us a framework for understanding what is going on in the world. Pluto is the planet of deep transformation — whether you like it or not. Much of what Pluto transforms is buried deep in the subconscious.

The energy of death often accompanies transformation. Who you are now must die in order to give birth to a new and better version of you. Remember the legendary bird that crashes into the fire and dies, only to be reborn a phoenix (a higher form of the bird) that rises — alive once again — from the ashes.

Pluto is not a bad guy per se, but it often brings death and destruction to the old forms and ways that no longer serve our highest good in order to make way for newer, better versions of the old structures. Because of the energy Pluto carries, there can be a great deal of fear triggered during Pluto periods (like the one we’ve been in). There is often a fear of death and the unknown, along with fears that are born of the insecurity you experience, since you are transforming into something new and have no clue what it is.