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Connect to Source Energy

Connect to Source Energy White Goddess of the Eighth Chakra and Master Kuthumi through Therese Dorer

Therese: In my vision, I see a pathway leading to a staircase of light, and I am encouraged to ascend. As I climb the shaft of light, I release my worldly roles and concerns. I release my roles as mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, and sister. I ascend higher and higher and come to a place of misty white light. I adjust my perception and eventually see a channel of pure white light. I stand before this light, humbled by the beauty and serenity it emanates. I become still and am filled with peace, love, and the awareness that this energy is the White Goddess of the eighth-chakra source energy.

White Goddess: Welcome! It is with delight that I come forth to speak with you this day. Thank you for allowing yourself this opportunity for quiet reflection. Many things in your human existence require your attention and focus, and I understand it can be difficult to find tranquility. But it is in these quiet moments that your eternal spirit can support you.

You are an infinite spirit who has chosen to have a human experience on Earth. Your body is the vessel that houses your spirit in this journey of life. You have a body, mind, and soul, and the glue that holds them together is unconditional love.