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The Benevolent Timeline and COVID-19

The Benevolent Timeline and COVID-19 Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Zoosh. Now, I know some of you are frightened and upset. Some of you think that it’s “this” person’s fault, or it’s “their” fault, or if it hadn’t been for “them,” and all that kind of stuff. But here’s the thing: The United States has always been a place that welcomed immigrants, especially when they came in to the country in the official way. That means they came in with approval.

Some people have felt that they can come in even without approval. For nice people and innocent people, like children, who have crossed your borders without approval, the United States has turned a blind eye for a long time. It was felt that they would do a lot of jobs that maybe other people don’t want to do.

But in recent times, others have come in who are causing harm, and that is why all the controversy. So there’s that. Continuing on, I also want to say that the illness called COVID-19 (and by the time this is published, it may be passé, meaning in the past), the kind of illness it is, which is something that is powerful at first and then suddenly seems to not be so powerful, is not something you will experience again.