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Ask the Angels: Offer Your Prayer

Ask the Angels: Offer Your Prayer the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

From Cheryl: It’s time to pray. I hope you will allow me to bring these words to you. These are my words, taken from the sacred messages of the holy angels of God. These words are not to be mocked or belittled. It’s not my intent to offend any agnostics, atheists, or members of other religious or belief systems. This message is only for those who can give worth to these words. It is given in all solemnness and not given lightly.

The communication between God and humanity is a most sacred transaction. Give your prayer with humbleness to God and all his creation. Prayers are given and received, for God sees the soul that is you. He hears your soul. Speak with feelings deep in your heart. Sincere, heartfelt prayers are given much worth.

Direct communication with the holy God of all is the most intense communication possible. Pray as if you were standing before God. The most magnificent brilliance is before you. Your soul may tremble and you may fall to your knees. Your eyes may well with tears as you feel the presence.