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Angels and Intuition

Angels and Intuition Angels and Yeshua through Denise Bennett, PhD

Angels: Dear ones, you are in a heavy dust storm. You cannot see what is before you. It is time to trust. The debris all around you is of your own design. You look to the left, to the right, and across the globe to lay blame. But your approach is flawed. Let us bring clarity to solve the problem.

First, be still. Take a breath and close your eyes. Turn off your electronics and television sets. You do not need to be informed every hour of what is happening and what to do. You already know. Tune in. Now, what is your real query?

You believe you are asking about a virus epidemic. Who will catch it next? How many will die? What should you stock up on? Will your economy bounce back? Dear children, look beyond this seemingly sensible array of questions to what lies beneath. You have access to the shared sacred pool of knowledge. It is a vast storehouse of information and wisdom, but you pretend you do not know it exists. Let us now help you.