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Akashic Answers: A Rainbow after Every Storm

Akashic Answers: A Rainbow after Every Storm Amanda Romania

Blessings and greetings! As I sit here writing this in March 2020, our world is in turmoil. Normally, we watch from a safe distance as parts of the globe are affected by all types of challenges, some of which are a result of human activities and others that are sent by Mother Nature.

In the past few days, I have been considering past events, especially in Europe. I was going to address Brexit, which on a karmic level is the same as King Henry VIII leaving the Catholic Church to move forward with sovereignty. We are seeing this with many nations as the borders between countries close. Interestingly, during his lifetime, King Henry VIII also faced the “sweating sickness” from 1485 to 1551, which included fever and difficulty breathing.

Remember that after every storm, a rainbow appears; a time of peace and renaissance prevails. I pray for this in 2020. Below, I present my responses to a few relevant questions I have been asked regarding the akashic records.