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A World of Love Is Coming

A World of Love Is Coming Master Elliahn through Karinna Nielsen

I wish to speak about the imminent arrival of the next dimension to this planet. This is not meant to raise fear in anyone; it is meant to encourage you to diligently look to your heart for healing. Whatever may be troubling you in your life, the light of love is available to you because you are of the one Creator force. You are Creator essence, and I am here to remind you of this and that healing is possible.

It is important at this point in the great shift in consciousness that you recognize the love in others who are in your life. Focus on completing your evolutionary processes: Forgive, move on, and love each other. Don’t be dragged into arguments or anger. While some of you may feel this is a challenge, it is time for you to come to a new awareness of love.

Focus on balancing all four of your bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. That is what will take you beyond the yin-yang of the third dimension and move you graciously into the next dimension. Concentrate on love for yourself first and foremost, and allow that love to ripple out to others like a pebble tossed in a calm, clear pond. Love is the way.