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Whales and the Morphogenetic Field

Whales and the Morphogenetic Field LahiRa from Ophiuchus through Jaap van Etten

We are delighted to have this connection. With an increase in understanding grids of whales and the connection with portals to the star system of Ophiuchus, the possibility for you to experience more whale energies has increased. Whales and Ophiuchus are directly connected because whales have souls that originated in Ophiuchus. This connection can begin a deeper relationship with us that could extend over time, if you so desire. Although I am a collective consciousness from a specific part of Ophiuchus, you can personalize the voice of this collective to make an easier connection. You have translated the vibrational sound of that voice as LahiRa, and I’m okay with that.

As a voice of the consciousness of Ophiuchus, my purpose is to help you to understand the functions of the whales within the Gaia construct, including understanding the relationship between whales and humans. There is a much deeper connection between humans and whales than people realize, and we do not refer to the joy of going on a whale-watch trip. In an earlier communication, the founders shared that whales were invited to be the guardians of the morphogenetic system of Gaia to help people remember that this is their responsibility.1 We are supposed to have this responsibility only temporarily.

The term “morphogenetic field” describes the field within which every being in the Gaia system functions. This field holds the full potential of the Gaia system, meaning that it is the field within which you are functioning for as long as you live in Gaia. Those who mention this field support the evolution of Gaia. As humanity awakens, we are ready to help those who feel a conscious or subconscious calling take over the function of the guardians of the morphogenetic system; that is, the grids and field. The field is the full potential of the Gaia system, and the grids are that part of the field that is actively used. Vortexes connect the grids with the field.2 Initially most people work with the grids to prepare themselves for working with the field.