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The Tide Has Turned

The Tide Has Turned The Galactic Council of Lightbeings through gia combs-ramirez

Greetings! We are the Galactic Council of Lightbeings. This past month has been intense as systems and groups have taken on new levels of chaos, leaving individuals with the burden of holding the line of balance and stabilization. It is extremely challenging to create and move forward while balancing and stabilizing the world. It’s like hauling a heavy bundle of cement up a steep incline, and when you reach the top, there is no sense of relief; all you see are endless inclines ahead of you. Feelings of apathy, hopelessness, and being overwhelmed arise. You trudge through your days automatically doing tasks, because there seems to be no alternative. You are at a deep level of chaos, and there is absolutely no light — not even a glimmer.

This is the still point of chaos. Perhaps another way to say it is the bottom point. You can’t go any deeper in chaos than you are right now. All that must fall away energetically has fallen away. What’s left is the beginning of rebuilding. After the chaos phase of decomposition, new creation arises. Or put in a slightly different way, the tide that went out is now returning. You won’t notice this shift too much in the beginning, but deep inside you will feel a new spark of hope. More light will grow in you each day. You will desire to re-engage with life again.