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Strike a Balance in Duality

Strike a Balance in Duality The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

When you take something whole and split it in half, it becomes two equal parts of what was once whole and one. The human mind can easily find differences between these two parts. For example, if you cut an apple in half with a knife and weigh and measure each half, one half will be minutely heavier and a bit larger even though they look even to the naked eye. The essence of the apple remains whole even though in physical duality the apple appears to be split.

In much the same way, if you sit in a chair and are conscious and awake, can you get up and walk away from yourself? Most would say no, but you can close your eyes and imagine walking away from yourself. Does that mean you literally walked away from yourself? That is exactly what you do and have done more times than you are aware of — you walk away from your real self, from what you call God, your soul, love, and the purpose for your human life, which always waits for you to reclaim it. Your real self is the same real self that dwells in every human. There is only one “I” — one “being” — that appears to have fragmented into an endless variety of creations manifesting in multidimensional ways.

Even though you, as a human being, do not always feel you are an aspect of the wholeness of All That Is, you as a spiritual being — called a soul — participate constantly in meaningful ways to balance the microcosm with the macrocosm, the physical realms with the spiritual realms, and the content of life with the context of life. You not only receive energy from the spiritual realms, you also give back in equal measure the energy and wisdom from your physical existence to the spiritual realms. Life in all its aspects is a reciprocal process where both the physical and the spiritual benefit from what each gives the other and thereby gives to wholeness.