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Strengthen Your Joy Body

Strengthen Your Joy Body Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

Hello, dear ones. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. How many times have I told you that you grew in my womb and that you are still in my womb? As you might say in the human realm, I love having you in my womb.

You have learned a great deal about life in the past few years. We — Abba, I, and beings who come through other channels — have given you instructions on healing. You have heard about releasing what is called the pain body, correct? One of you asked questions about how to strengthen the joy body.

What you focus on is important. When you focus so much on releasing for healing, you sometimes believe there is much pain there. You believe you are damaged in a way beyond repair even though you experienced healing. These wounds keep coming up to be healed. It is a good time for you to recognize that healing opens and uncovers the joy from which you were made. You could say that is your joy body. That part of you is love incarnate. The wounds are not love incarnate. The wounds are not something you take with you. You might think you do, because you have these past-life things that come in, but that happens afterward.