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Stabilize Your Crystalline DNA

Stabilize Your Crystalline DNA Crystalline Beings through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones, as angels of great crystalline light, may your hearts open and notice that there are great crystalline rainbow bridges building on themselves from the multidimensional fields of quantum space. We invite you to connect with the crystalline bridge now anchored from the infinite expanse. Notice the self-awareness that senses both a beginning and a destination. Deep within this self-awareness, know that the bridge is built as is the creation of the support necessary to expand this energy in all ways. Within the shift and the expansive knowledge of universal wisdom, a beautiful moment arises as the crystalline bridge reveals itself and the gateway opens.

The ignition of dynamic DNA has been expanding through your current time span. This is a momentous occasion, and we choose our words carefully so that you may study them. This experience is beyond the current understanding of quantum science. Complete understanding requires the full unification of your crystalline DNA in order to expand your consciousness ever further.

Scientists are beginning to discover what they call ancient humans or a new human species. Many predetermined revelations were seeded in past millennia and are now being revealed. During the time of the original energetic seeding, it was known that these energies would be safely protected through a quiet period until the optimal moment for it to be revealed again. Through the literal watering of your world now, there will be a time where many of the ancient mysteries will be available to be touched, seen, and analyzed. Your planet is not melting; she is flowing. When one is navigating a raging river, one must flow with the current or drown. This flow energy is fully anchored and will continue to expand. It will become ever greater, more powerful, and distinct. Within the flow experience, there will be many catastrophic events.