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The Secret Wisdom of Animals: King of the Food Pile

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: King of the Food Pile Kim Malonie

I am the owner of an all-natural, holistic pet store here in Los Angeles. I have a perplexing situation that I hope you can help me with. I have a cat that lives in the store; you could say he owns the place. His name is King — and justifiably so! He has a lot of room, sunlight, and cat trees. He has fresh food, water, and people coming and going. I live in an apartment in the back. Basically, he has it made living here, and he seems quite happy.

The problem arose when I changed his food last week to a fat-reducing formula. At first he seemed to like it, but this morning I came to work and was blinded by a beam of sunlight bouncing off the row of cat food bags, which I thought was bizarre. Then I noticed King sitting on top of the cat food — the most expensive in the store — and he was glaring at me! A bag was ripped and had deep scratch marks. Did I do something wrong to irritate him? Is he mad at me, and if so, why?

— John, Los Angeles, California