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Refine Your Communications

Refine Your Communications Donna Taylor

How much of the world’s problems could be solved or eased by better communication? How much conflict in our lives could be soothed by better listening and speaking from the heart? It’s fair to say that many people are not that great at communicating. We tend to perceive things in our own way and forget that others see things differently. Or we are attached to the outcome we want and forget to put ourselves in others’ shoes to see how what we want might affect them. There are so many ways we damage others and ourselves through poor communication — with a sharp or hurtful words, an inability to listen when someone is in pain, or a judgment we make that isn’t helpful to the other person.

While the sign of Gemini isn’t renowned for its sensitivity, the new moon in this sign on June 3 at least offers us the chance to refine our communications. Perhaps we can listen better and articulate in a more coherent fashion or remove violence from our communications. It’s also a good new moon if we have messages we want to get across, which makes this a potent time for writers, speakers, teachers, poets, and musicians. If we want to say something to someone — if a conversation needs to take place or a question needs to be asked — the days around June 3 will be conducive.

As the days roll by and the Sun moves into opposition with Jupiter and squares Neptune, there is a very real danger of falling prey to an illusion, so it is perhaps best to avoid taking action or making decisions between June 8 and June 11. We are likely to kid ourselves at this point and to believe in something that won’t stand the test of time. Therefore, take what others say with a grain of salt, especially if it panders to our needs or sounds a little too good to be true. The need for discernment will be strong at this point, but really, the best course of action will be to do nothing while this planetary transit is in action, particularly if we are easily duped or have a tendency toward flights of fancy or escapism.