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The Principles

The Principles Aleph through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. These principles are the principles of love, faith, and trust in God. These are the three principles, and they are real; they are not imaginary. In understanding the word “principles,” it basically means “law.” There are three laws for your body. Number one is that your body abides by the law of breath. There is the law of your heart beating, which is number two. The law of your organs functioning correctly is number three.

These are also called the principles of the laws of yourself, and you are to understand them as the conscious unit that you are. What’s occurring now is that society is angry at itself because people disobeyed these principles, and there are only really three: love, faith, and trust in God, basically. Within these three, you have what is called further understanding, which is for those with limited understanding of the principles.

These teachings can be found in the Ten Commandments. People react to this term (it’s best to find out why, as a precautionary procedure), because basically everyone has broken at least one of them in the human condition. You are learning to forgive yourself for the perpetuation of yourself because you are beginning to recognize that you have to learn to calm yourself. That’s what’s going on now in consciousness.