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Live Your Healing Frequency

Live Your Healing Frequency Teacher through Miriandra Rota

I have been asked, “Teacher, I made the mistake of breaking my fast from the news and have learned once again of horrible laws, actions, and inactions. What can we do to help change what is occurring?” While it is true that this is a primitive time and that it seems the dark ages are upon us, there is something else occurring. I’m not going to try to diminish your shock at discovering what has occurred in the absence of your awareness. I wish you and all beings who are appalled at what is occurring on Earth to remember why you are here. You are not here to march in the streets, but that is neither correct nor incorrect. You are not here to put up a fight, but you may be called to do that and will have to decide in the moment what you are guided to do.

My dears, you are here to hold the light. You are here to reside in truth. You have heard those words again and again, but let’s talk about what they really mean. To reside in light and truth means that you are awake to the fact that all beings are One Being, yet here you are, wondering how everything can be so horrific.