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Honor the Seasonal Shift of the Summer Solstice

Honor the Seasonal Shift of the Summer Solstice Jenine Beecher

In childhood, summer held the promise of play and socialization. We were encouraged to be active and create whatever our little minds could conjure. This essence of summer is not lost on us as adults. New enterprises, vacations, and warm nights spent outside all connect us with that same feeling of freedom.

Nature answers the call of the season as an abundant provider and example of the beauty found in growth. I consulted with herbalist Cherise Atkinson, founder of Bright Green Possibilities, for tips on how to best connect with summer’s intoxicating aura. Cherise’s first words to describe the opportunity in this season were “major energy and abundance!”

Be Active, and Enjoy the Warmth

Summer is all about movement. We have shaken off the transitional nature of spring and long for movement. Sun-filled days give us the opportunity to be fully expansive. Socializing, exercising, dancing, and creating art are expressions to encourage and savor.