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The Happiness Journey

The Happiness Journey Guides through Deborah Harrington

We have been called the Guides for many years by this one who writes down what we say and shares it with all who are interested. We want to speak about where we are, what we like to do, and how we like to do it. We exist right beside you or within you, and we also exist in this place we call Home. We accepted the call to help the people of Earth make this transition that is going on right now. We are very happy to be here to help with these changes.

We are in this world enough that we can see the changes that need to happen and the work that needs to be done. We are not attracted by the same desires and needs that pull people of Earth; we do not need things, so we are not attracted or attached to the many pitfalls of Earth that humans must contend with. We exist outside the world of things but inside the world of feelings. We have mastered feelings.

It is not what you might think, that we have overcome our feelings and do not have them anymore. Rather, we have learned to feel the feelings that we like, and we are freed from the feelings you think of as bad or negative. We simply do not live in an environment of negativity of any kind.