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The Goodness in Your Life

The Goodness in Your Life The Great Divine Director and Ascended Hosts of Light through Maureen St. Germain

Notice the environment around you, how nice it is and how much your life has improved. You have gained much in the past few months, accelerating when you didn’t expect to.

Many of you have undergone great suffering, and you wonder when it will end. Take time to develop your divine connection. Practice mantras for ascension. Learn the Merkabah if you can, and practice unconditional love in every possible way. Perhaps you will use Ho’oponopono. Perhaps you will love someone despite the drama and the pain you have encountered.

The suffering that you bear is great because of the light you hold. This is a trick to get you to suffer so that your loosh can be used by those who are on the wane. These dark hats, if you will, have lost their power and are in denial exactly as you were many years ago. They are desperate, and we say to you, claim your power! Say, “I will not be moved. I will have my outcome.” Make your presence known. You do not need to be cross or sharp but firm: “I am not moving. I understand what you are telling me, but I believe otherwise.” Be clear.