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God in a Box — Expanded

God in a Box — Expanded Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I would like to continue and expand the subject of connection, which I started earlier today.

There are so many questions that Humans have about this seemingly intangible idea of a Creator or God or of a source that is beyond your imagination yet one to which you’re somehow directly connected. You also have difficulty truly believing that there is an entourage — if you want to call it that — or a group that follows around each of you all of the time. This intangible spiritual group knows your name, not the name you have now. The name comes from a soul group. It’s bigger even than you can imagine, exists in light, and is not an identifier but rather a descriptor of magnificence. It has a pattern that speaks of your soul group in this galaxy that belongs to Earth.

If I could summarize all of this, let me again say that God knows you. This, dear ones, must be either fully realized or somehow trained into a Human Being. The reason for this is common and obvious, and I will go into this yet again. Humans have the perception that everything around them that exhibits any intelligence operates on the same level of Human intelligence. When you have a pet, and of course the pet cannot understand your language, you still talk to it as though it understands everything. You project your humanism and emotion onto the animal to communicate with it even though the animal has no idea what you’re saying or doing. However, that animal can feel the love that you have since love is universal. Human consciousness is not.