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Final Bio-Transfiguration of the Pain Body

Final Bio-Transfiguration of the Pain Body The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Biolight masters, in each life review, you recycle to birth your new heart, and you change the pain body into new qualities of love. The pain body is a composite of the old Earth polarized emotional mind-body of wounded, trapped atoms of energy. This includes all thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs where all aspects went against self-love or split from self due to perceived experiences of abuse or trauma. They release in stages in the biology; otherwise, you would drop your body due to overwhelming cellular fear.

Each octave of light embodied at each equinox and solstice has helped release negative cell memory and transform these old heart sensitivities into new essence qualities. This stretched humanity to its maximum capacity to love, but it felt abandoned or separated by its spirit and the cosmos.

The human master can re-imprint/recode these traumatized sensitivities at the cell level when they are fully embodied and fully conscious. This soul-spirit imprint becomes a composite within the eternal. This also allows the new spirit bio-cell heart to be rebirthed as the divine male/female re-merges his or her separate inner and outer torus heart spheres. Then the membrane in the old heart (via quiet phases of short laser pulses), safely releases into your free essence-energy magnetosphere. This releases you from the old mental electro-field in this local universe and allows instant manifestation via the heart without harm to self or others.