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Enlightenment Is an Inside Job

Enlightenment Is an Inside Job The Angels of Compassion through Thelma Bodnar

Knowledge is power, and power is seen as something to be desired, attained, and relished. Who doesn’t want to be powerful? There are many types of power: physical, political, and mental, as well as power of the self. Which of these is most desirable? You have free will, so you get to choose. Of course, outside forces work for and against you once you choose.

In order to choose, you must go inside, align your thoughts and desires, and survey the outer aspects of your surroundings. You can become the leader of a country, if that is your desire, although you were born into poverty. It has been done, but the obstacles can seem overwhelming.

Putting that aside for a moment, let’s talk about circumvention. You may find yourself in a position of power because others used you as a pawn and raised your chances of becoming a ruler. You might be swept up in the momentum and succeed in getting what you want, only to realize your dream’s reality is not how you pictured it.