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Connect with Master Archangels

Connect with Master Archangels Archangel Metatron through Natalie Glasson

I, Archangel Metatron, wish to share an insight into the multiuniversal level of which I am the overseer. I wish to support your connection, integration, synthesis, and experience of the multiuniversal level and Creator’s expression through your unions with beings in this sacred dimension. This will significantly raise your energy and light vibration, support the expansion of your energy field, and raise your awareness while downloading new insight, enlightenment, and truth. Powerful healing frequencies will penetrate your entire being within the multiuniversal level, creating healing at the physical and deep-soul-and-unification levels with the Creator.

The multiuniversal level holds the purity and truth of the Creator; it enhances liberation and true expression. Due to its high vibrational frequency, it can be difficult to comprehend and understand from earthly levels. However, its influences are magnificent, powerful, and effectual, and it encourages a deeper resonance and connection with the Creator and your divine self.