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Catch a Unicorn (and Your Dreams)

Catch a Unicorn (and Your Dreams) Nancy Robinson

To me, unicorns represent something extraordinary, wonderful, otherworldly, and awe-inspiring. Unicorns seem to be special to others as well; even in the business world, the term “unicorn” refers to something that is very desirable but challenging to find or obtain. It also describes something that is rare and hard to catch but well worth the effort.

On my journey to create the extraordinary life that I want, I’ve experienced times when it felt as if I was doing all the necessary work but seemed to be chasing something as elusive as a unicorn. I set goals, dreamed big, and worked on changing what I needed or what wasn’t working so that I could be ready. When it seemed my goal was close enough to reach, I would find one more block to clear, one more habit to change, or one more skill to learn.

At times, nothing seemed to happen, and I wondered if I was going in the right direction or if this unicorn (the life I wanted) even existed or was meant for me. Then, suddenly, I met the right people, magical connections manifested, the right conversations happened at the right times, and I was encouraged to keep seeking that special and rare unicorn life that I wanted.