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The Catalyst Factor: Guiding Humanity’s Ascension

The Catalyst Factor: Guiding Humanity’s Ascension The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

The Great Wisdom: The catalyst factor is an energy chain, an active force of resolution to restore balance. But each time there is an energy surge, chaotic reactions take place within unresolved energy systems, for both you and society as a whole.

Within base alchemy, a foundation of synergistic forces manifests as an active field. This base alchemy is an energy structure that has reached critical mass. Awakened people are actively involved with the force of creation that alters the nature of reality. The quantum resonance has reached a critical point: the catalyst factor, a dynamic force that catalyzes energy systems in a reaction that accelerates the velocity of the active energetic planes. The existing planes have manifested in the energetics of the planet and accelerate to reach the catalyst factor. Then they trigger a sequence of energetic expansion within the electromolecular structure of the biodynamics of mass and matter and within the ionic field of the electromagnetic vibration of the planet’s core energetics.

The catalyst factor is accompanied by surges of energy that directly affect the chaos factor; that is, chaos before creation. The chaotic vibrations are a result of the vacillation of the ionic frequencies and the electromagnetic vibration of the planet, creating waves of ionic vacillations that catalyze the transition and transformation of positive ionic particles that have been locked into the planet’s electromagnetic field. The positive ionic particles are dense vibrations. The catalyst factor is an element of change. It will create chaos, particularly because the energy is surging — but not on a smooth continuum that allows the harmonic flow of planetary energetic systems to be calm and in a resting, or dormant, state. Dormant energy is blocked by positive ionic energy systems that have locked the consciousness and the electromagnetic field of the planet’s bioenergetics into a deep state of negativity in areas of the consciousness while other areas of consciousness are accelerating, resulting in acceleration during resistance.