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The Amazing Art of Ha-Ru-Ko

The Amazing Art of Ha-Ru-Ko Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters through Star Hinman

Travel the universe with Ha-Ru-Ko as she translates for us — her fellow adventurers — the geometrically based energies of angels, archangels, starships, ET’s, and goddesses that exist in other dimensional realities. Ha-Ru-Ko, who also goes by the name Blue Star Child, describes these higher-realm energies for us as refined geometric images and hand-drawn lines and shapes (not computer-generated) that translate the complex composition of multidimensional reality into forms that our brains can receive and download as comprehensible energy transmissions.

Received by the right hemisphere of the brain — the portion of the brain that decodes the energies of shapes and colors — her images transmit the refined frequencies of fifth-dimensional and higher realms in forms the brain can understand. Absolutely breathtaking when completed, the original drawings of these images are approximately seven-feet long [see images 1–4].

This unique gift that Ha-Ru-Ko, embodies brings untold blessings to an Earth-based humanity that is in the process of receiving its own ascension into light and freedom. While gazing at these images, we experience a download of extremely refined, high-frequency energies from these other multidimensional realities that she sees with her inner sight.