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Akashic Answers: Akashic Records and Numerology

Akashic Answers: Akashic Records and Numerology Amanda Romania

Welcome to Akashic Answers. This month, we look at some of the questions I have received regarding your akashic records and numerology.

How does a person use numerology if she was born in a foreign country (Romania), adopted and brought to the United States, and doesn’t know her time of birth? And how does this fit into reincarnation? Any suggested resources are appreciated.

— Roxanna, United States

From Amanda: Blessings, Roxanna. First, I would like to look at the karma of being born in Romania and then living in the United States. I had this question myself, because I was born on English soil and am now a U.S. citizen. Romania carries the energies of Aries and Leo, which represent strength and courage. Saint Germain is very connected to that country and can be a great support to you as an etheric ascended master. The United States has Aquarius and Gemini energies that attract opportunities, empathy, and compassion. I always think in terms of playing to your strengths with these qualities.