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You Will See It when You Believe It

You Will See It when You Believe It Inspired Information through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian: There are profound and intense energies happening at this time. Do not ask for any upgrades for your biological or emotional units. The energies coming from deep space are moving at millions of miles per second. The light pours into the center of our Earth hearts, and these energies have no consciousness, only a mission to move throughout the cosmos and deposit their truth into living beings.

Humans are hybrids made of stardust. That which comes forth from deep space brings a cosmic message, a deep remembrance, and the promise of a new beginning. The energies pouring into the human heart do so at the request of the universe. Though the Creator's presence is not seen as much as it was in days of old, the rhetoric we hold with divinity always reaches its source. As Earth moves into more solar waves of light penetrating the very cell membranes, our DNA engages us in an initiation within a biological tent, and we reach a juncture within ourselves.

This light comes forth as cosmic rays dispersing their molecular intent into all areas of human life — from moods to weather to health. The light has always entered through the heart, and its peak season has been categorically expanded. They are demanding, and they make you look at what you do not want to see. Like a personal trainer, they demand more of you than you think you're capable of giving. These are living photons of supercharged light.